Super Brush LLC

Company Details:
800 Worcester St
Springfield, MA 01151

Phone: 4135431442
Fax: 4135431523

Super Brush is the leader in manufacturing foam swabs for diverse industries across all platforms. Currently we manufacture over 3,000 swabs and applicators in a continually growing variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Our highly trained R&D department can develop a customized foam swab from prototype to production.


Super Brush is a US-based manufacturer with over 50 years' experience. When precision is needed to apply, spread, clean or collect material on a surface, Super Brush has a swab for every job!


Why Choose Super Brush LLC?


Whether you need lint-free swabs for cleaning or a precision foam applicator, Super Brush has the tool for you.


Super Brush will custom design your foam swab to meet your requirements.


• We offer a large supply of standard shapes & sizes


• Our foam swabs offer various absorbencies and porosities


• Always thermally bonded


• Superiror to cotton swabs


• Lint-free


• Solvent compatible


Super Brush offers foam swabs for the following jobs:


• Machine tool and mold cleaning


• Printer cleaning and maintenance


• Application of adhesives, solvents, coatings, sealants


• Precision cleaning and inspection processes


• Surgical and medical equipment cleaning

• Medical applications for skin disinfecting, diagnostics, topicals, cryogens