TMC / Compco

Company Details:
409Bloomfield DriveUnit 1
West Berlin, NJ 08091 USA

Phone: 856-768-3516
Fax: 856-768-4633

Established in 1922, as the Typewriter Maintenance Company, TMC has maintained an excellent long standing reputation in the Philadelphia area as a leader in customer satisfaction. TMC/COMPCO sells and maintains office equipment and mailing systems. Throughout the years, TMC has been on the cutting edge of many types of technology. Then in 1998 the TMC merged with an independent Francotyp Postalia dealer, this merger brought forth TMC/COMPCO. This took TMC/COMPCO into yet another realm of advanced technology. In this new arena TMC/COMPCO applied its business model along with the expertise in customer relations and quickly became the tri-state area leader for postal equipment. As time passed TMC/COMPCO became known in the industry for its tremendous development, diversification and prestige, the company immediately attracted the most talented and reputable technicians, sales and postal consultants in the area. Still to this day TMC/COMPCO’s position is to partner with their client base and advance them into the next echelon of technology to make them successful.

           Now TMC/COMPCO is on the rise again, branching into a number of new and exciting markets places. They have partnered with: FP, PFE, SECAP, Formax, OPEX/OMATION, Kobra, Mail-crafters, Martin Yale, MBM, HP, Bell & Howell, Sure-feed and Charnstrom.

           All of these organizations are leaders in their own right and are in many ways equivalent to the reputation that TMC/COMPCO has cultivated. It is with its complete portfolio of manufacturers that TMC/COMPCO is able to supply your company with all of its business solution needs.