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axaio software was founded 2006 as a sister company of callas software. With a dedicated team of software developers, product managers and support specialists, axaio designs XTensions and Plug-Ins for Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign/InCopy — which are being used on thousands of workstations and servers in publishing houses, advertisement agencies and prepress companies all over the world.


Our technical partners include leading global publishing technology vendors – they provide us with software and services excellence which we build into our own solutions portfolio. axaio has long-standing ties to companies like Adobe, Quark, Vjoon and Woodwing, allowing us to maintain a high level of quality and integrity for all our solutions.


Olaf Drümmer

is founder and CEO of axaio software and known as a widely recognized expert for PDF and implementation of color management. He has been involved in software development for the graphic arts industry for more than fifteen years. Having joined the European Color Initiative (ECI) in 1999, he is now serving as its chairman. Besides filling a leading position with axaio Software, he also is CEO of callas software, one of the world’s leading PDF technology vendors.

Karina Zander

has been working for more than six years in the prepress software area and is responsible for marketing and sales related activities at axaio. Before changing to axaio software, she had been working as Marketing Manager for the sister company callas software. Do not hesitate to contact Karina Zander in case you have questions on axaio or axaio publishing solutions MadeToPrint, MadeToCompare or FontIncluder.

René Treuber

is axaio software’s responsible Product Manager. He successfully completed his apprenticeship at the sister company callas software, and meanwhile he can look back on more than six years working experience in the field of software development at callas and axaio. René Treuber will answer all technical questions in regard to our products MadeToPrint, MadeToCompare and FontIncluder.

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