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...colour quality management in print 

Are you a Colour Printer - would you like to improve colour control in your organisation while reducing make-ready times and waste?

Are you a Print Buyer - would you like the colour appearance of your brochures printed in Sheffield to match those printed in Sydney?

The Mellow Colour System allows you to analyse the colour appearance of print and tune systems so that all of the above can be achieved. We provide you with the technical know-how and tools needed to measure and control your own colour print appearance. Experience has shown that subsequent improvements in efficiency and reductions in waste will soon show up on your bottom line. PrintSpec™ colour quality management software has been developed by us, for our own colour consultancy projects and now allows you to take care of colour quality control yourself. PrintSpec™ is the ideal tool for colour professionals with an interest in consistent high quality colour reproduction. 

Colour Health Check - Download the PrintSpec strip at the bottom of this page and print it along with your production work, then send the print to us for a free PrintSpec report.

PrintSpec™ benefits:

  • Consistent colour appearance job-to-job, month-to-month, press-to-press
  • Assured re-print colour matching
  • Proof to Print colour fidelity
  • Shortened make-ready times and reduced waste
  • Optimised colour performance from existing equipment
  • Increased margins through improved efficiency
ISO 12647 is the specification upon which most serious printing specifications are based. Target gradation, ink colour, trapping, grey balance and dot gain numbers in the specification are based on hundreds of high quality print samples gathered and analysed from around the globe by the ISO TC 130 Committee.

When production engineers talk about process control they say  ‘if you can measure it, you can control it, and if you can control it you can reproduce it’ consequently precision colour measurement is at the heart of the PrintSpec™ colour quality management system.

The longer term aim of Mellow Colour is to help the printing industry get in-line with other industries where critical process control is the differentiator that separates the best from the rest.

Mellow Colour is committed to the delivery of top quality pre-press and printing colour management consultancy. We specialise in the implementation of the ISO 12647 printing specification, technical troubleshooting and fine tuning of colour systems.                                                  


Place the PrintSpec strip horizontally centred at the top of the plate - and print to your normal CMYK densities along with colour critical CMYK production work.

Additional information for positioning the PrintSpec strip
Graphic elements for print analysis such as the PrintSpec strip should be placed so that they are evenly inked. If these elements are placed immediately below sharply defined vertical areas of solid ink, evenness of inking for the element will be adversely affected. Placement of test elements should be as close to the work as possible and not close to the extreme left or right edge of the plate where inking is less stable.           

ImpressionProof for Remote Color Critical Print Run Approval

February 10, 2014
From Mellow Colour


From Mellow Colour