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W Melbourne, FL 32904

Phone: 407-727-2442

Expert business valuation consulting. Co-author of "Print Shop for Sale".

Also conducting and publishing printing industry studies, including Mailing Services Pricing Study.

Two Valuations: Polar Opposites

Trade Association Hypocrisy

Client Reports Digital vs. Offset Sales

Quick Consultant: Minimum Owner's Salary Required to Establish Business Value

Quick Consultant: Social Media is No Substitute for Service

2011-2012 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study

2011-2012 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study

From Q.P. Consulting

The 2011-2012 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study to Be Released on April 29

February 1, 2011
From Q.P. Consulting

Print Shop for Sale

From Q.P. Consulting

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