Copy General

Company Details:
102-G Executive Drive
Dulles, VA 20166

Phone: 703-478-5252
Toll Free: 1-800-736-2679
Fax: 703-478-5254

Copy General strives to attract the best. Our staff is the best. We thrive in a stressful, deadline-oriented environment that always leaves time for fun.

Our customers are the best. They realize that we are not their suppliers, but rather a part of their team. In an era of stretched budgets and tighter deadlines, we work with our clients in a way that makes us look good by making them look good. That's why we can point to long-term clients who have been with Copy General for three decades.

In 1991, the first Copy General location opened overseas in Budapest, Hungary. Since then Copy General has expanded to five countries (including U.S.), more than 50 facilities and over 500 staff members. We are the leading provider of digital printing and copying services in eastern Europe. If you're planning a meeting or conference in Moscow, Prague, Warsaw, or Budapest we can make your life much easier. Deal with a name you know and trust.