Original Wraps Inc.

Company Details:
969 S. Kipling Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80266

Phone: 720-746-1600
Fax: 720-746-1601

Original Wraps Inc. is the leading international provider of vehicle personalization and customization technology. Their technology provides auto manufacturers, car dealers, automotive retailers and wholesalers with a complete program offering a comprehensive selection of vehicle personalization products. Original Wraps’ products are manufactured utilizing professional automotive grade vinyl, which is custom printed through a 6-color process with one of thousands of unique or licensed designs. The “wrap” is then coated with a scratchproof finish and custom cut, creating a product that fits a specific vehicle perfectly - providing a long lasting stylized automotive makeover. With Original Wraps products, consumers can personalize their vehicle through thousands of vehicle dealers, private labeled distributor Web sites - as well as through the company’s online partners and wholesalers.

3M Acquires Original Wraps

3M Acquires Original Wraps

April 20, 2011
From 3M Commercial Graphics