eBook Architects

Company Details:

Austin, texas

Phone: 512-939-3466

eBook Architects was started in early 2008 by Joshua Tallent, a veteran of the eBook world. Joshua began formatting eBooks in 2002, working primarily for WORDsearch Corp., a religious eBook software provider. His work there included 4 years of eBook development work and 2 years managing the eBook team.

When the Amazon Kindle was released, Joshua was impresed with Amazon's Digital Text Platform (DTP), a system that allows independent authors and small publishers to make their books available in the Kindle store to compete right next to bestselling authors and large publishers. However the DTP's main drawback is a lack of robust formatting and file conversion support. So, Joshua started KindleFormatting.com as a free resource to those looking for information on the Kindle eBook format, and offering conversion services in his spare time.

Eventually, as the Kindle became more popular and eBooks became more widely known, the KindleFormatting.com business birthed into eBook Architects, a full-service eBook conversion, consulting, and services company. Joshua works with the most capable developers in the field to create the best eBooks and conversion solutions available.

eBook Architects serves the needs of authors and publishers.