International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)

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Representing nearly all leading and emerging imaging companies, I3A – the not-for-profit International Imaging Industry Association – is the largest imaging industry group worldwide. I3A's member companies from around the world are dedicated to developing and promoting the adoption of open industry standards, addressing environmental issues and providing a voice for the industry that will ultimately benefit all users. I3A is the product of the merger of the Digital Imaging Group (DIG) and the Photographic & Imaging Manufacturers Association (PIMA), with almost 60 years of combined imaging industry leadership.

As the central forum for the development and advancement of open standards within the imaging industry, I3A takes a broad view of the entire imaging market value chain. In doing so, I3A seeks to identify strategic market growth barriers, where a strong industry consortium has the greatest potential for impact, then targets specific initiatives or standards projects to reduce or eliminate those barriers. I3A uses a combination of technical and marketing activities to reach its goals of solving interoperability challenges, resolving infrastructure issues and minimizing overall market confusion.

I3A Presents 2011 Leadership Award to Nokia's Head of Imaging Eero Salmelin

December 21, 2011
From International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)