The Next Level Group

The Next Level Group

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The Next Level Group was founded in early 2006 by Mitch Evans and Mike Kind. The objective is to create peer groups or forums for printing and print related owners with the objective of allowing the participants a mechanism to reach the next level in their businesses.

The commercial and quick print segments of the domestic print industry have become commoditized and most print shops are finding it hard to grow their businesses. Trade associations have found that membership and attendance at their meetings have decreased but the need for printing owners to learn and share ideas has not decreased. In fact, the need is greater today than at any time before, due to the fast changing technology and greater competition.


The overall concept is to create peer groups where selected members will have a safe environment to allow them to discuss their issues, help make better decisions, create accountability, assist in managing change, grow profitably and not feel isolated.

The mission will be to use a proven process to propel the members to get their businesses to The Next Level.

Both of the founders have extensive experience in the printing industry, have sold their printing interests and do speaking and consulting in both the printing and mailing industries. They were partners in Renaissance Executive Forums of South Florida and as such, worked with a variety of CEO’s in various industries with companies that range in size from $1 million to $400 million in revenues.


The Next Level Group Holds Its Fifth Annual Symposium in Las Vegas

The Next Level Group Holds Its Fifth Annual Symposium in Las Vegas

July 22, 2014
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