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United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) was founded in 1966, with the mission of designing and manufacturing air purification equipment of the highest quality. With this commitment to quality driving company policy, UAS has become the industry leader in air cleaning and pollution control.

The company provides solutions to air quality problems ranging from welding smoke, oil mist and process dusts in factories to indoor air quality concerns like cigarette smoke and allergens in offices, bars and homes. UAS offers a diverse product line that meets or exceeds regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Our most well-known commercial air cleaner is the SmokeeterĀ® a two-stage electrostatic precipitator. It was the company's first product and was initially sold to bowling centers, bars and other commercial locations. Today, thousands of Smokeeter units are cleaning the air in offices, restaurants, hospitals, body shops, schools, print shops and computer rooms around the world.

Smokeeter is a valuable weapon in the smoking war. Its highly effective smoke removal capabilities keep both smokers and non-smokers happy, enabling the owners of public gathering places like bars and restaurants to offer their customers a choice.

Industrial Air Cleaning Products
The Smog-HogĀ® industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) line was introduced in 1970. UAS created the Smog-Hog mist and fume product line to meet the growing demand for improved air quality in industrial plants. Smog-Hog was an established product when OSHA was passed later that year, guaranteeing UAS leadership in the field of industrial indoor air quality. Several standard models are available, as are a variety of models built to customer specifications.

To meet the needs of customers searching for a media air filtration device, UAS introduced the DA, DB and DBM Models (formerly known as Dust-Cat). These filtration systems work well in applications where conductive contaminant or large particles prohibit the use of ESP technology. It also fills the gap for customers with low concentrations of fugitive dust, providing them with a simple and cost-effective solution.

In 1989, UAS acquired PTS Industries, the manufacturer of Fabricmax and Cyclomax dust collection equipment since 1976. Their product line was a natural fit that rounded out the UAS line of air cleaning equipment. UAS' engineering expertise and innovative manufacturing processes have driven dust collector technology to new heights over the years.

In 1997, UAS was acquired by CLARCOR, INC. (www.clarcor.com), a publicly traded, diversified marketer and manufacturer of mobile, industrial and environmental filtration products and packaging goods. As a member of the CLARCOR family, UAS continues to research and develop air pollution control equipment to be able to offer customers the right solution for each unique application.

SFC Downflow Cartridge Dust Collector

SFC Downflow Cartridge Dust Collector

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