Uplinx PreMedia Group (Paperlinx)

Company Details:

Toll Free: 866-679-6856

UpLinX is a group of innovative PreMedia solutions. We understand there is more to print than ink on paper and printers need to innovate in order to stay competitive.

In a market where we live for tomorrow today, UpLinX understands the need for continuous progress and innovation of print technologies and applications.

Our team continuously works towards providing clients with value added solutions in a number of categories such as:

• Online Solutions

• Enterprise Print Solutions

• Colour Management

• Workflow Solutions

Through our global network of partners we work on increasing your revenue streams, reducing cost and simplifying the path from creative concept to project completion.

Whether you specialize in printing, publishing or graphic design make UpLinX products an integral part of your daily processes, and maximize your company’s efficiency and profitability.