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Compart is a leading manufacturer of scalable and platform-independent software solutions for the processing and optimization of documents and data streams from different sources and for all common output channels.

The DocBridge product family enables the flexible and efficient processing of high-volume data streams and documents - they can be prepared for transfer to required output channels such as printers, archives, email, hybrid mail solutions or Web portals. These include solutions for the optimization and conversion of document formats or their modification, the display of these documents, and the comparison of documents with the same content but a different format.

With their high degree of vertical integration and independence from operating systems, Compart products also meet superior requirements in terms of reproduction quality, performance and platform-independence. As a result, Compart products support almost all standard system platforms, from Windows to UNIX or z/OS in the mainframe market segment.

Compart solutions are used in medium and large-scale companies across all industries. The implementation and maintenance of these solutions is guaranteed through accompanying support and consultation services as well as project management by the company’s subsidiaries, Compart Deutschland GmbH, Compart North America Inc., Compart Iberia S.L., Compart Nordic ApS., Compart France S.A.S. and a number of partners.?

Compart Collaboration with Bell and Howell Accelerates Delivery of Secure, Multi-Channel Communications

From Compart North America
July 23, 2013
drupa 2012: Compart Puts Emphasis on Ease of Configuration and Quality Assurance in Production Workflow

drupa 2012: Compart Puts Emphasis on Ease of Configuration and Quality Assurance in Production Workflow

From Compart North America
April 24, 2012

Compart Custom Comparison Apps Give Japs-Olson Company More Confidence in Variable Direct Mail Proofing and Production

From Compart North America
April 16, 2012

Compart Teams with Ricoh to Deliver More Options to Customers Seeking Flexibility and Control with Transform Technology

From Compart North America
November 30, 2011

MCS Selects Compart DocBridge Mill Transform Software to Support Customers' PDF Workflow

From Compart North America
October 17, 2011

Veteran Industry Leader Ron Friedman Joins Compart as Chief Operating Officer

From Compart North America
September 26, 2011

Compart Extends DocBridge Software Support to Include IPDS Data Streams

From Compart North America
September 8, 2011

Compart DocBridge Delta with Enhanced Structural Comparison

From Compart North America