Airfloat Systems

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2230 Brush College Road
Decatur, IL 62526

Phone: 217-423-6001
Toll Free: 800-888-0018
Fax: 217-422-1049

Airfloat applies air bearing technology and innovative design to move and position anything from a 200-ton locomotive to placing a pallet or basket of parts at the ergonomically-correct position along your assembly line. Airfloat solves problems in your workspace with devices that increase your efficiency with easier, faster, and safer material movement.

Airfloat air bearing applications are more productive because of the proven six-step process shown at the left:

Customer Relationships enable Airfloat's staff to see opportunities for improved material movement by bringing Airfloat's 40 years' of air bearing problem-solving experience to your plant floor.

Applications Development approaches your material handling challenge to find the optimum solution, either standard or custom-built, to maximize the efficiency and safety of your operation.


New Air-Riding Transporter Makes Paper Roll Handling a Breeze

New Air-Riding Transporter Makes Paper Roll Handling a Breeze

September 23, 2011
From Airfloat Systems