UV LED Curing Association

Company Details:


The UV LED Curing Association was founded to expand the market opportunities and education of UV LED curing solutions by providing a single location where all market participants would share, educate, and expand on UV LED curing knowledge, with the ultimate objective of accelerating UV LED technology adoption.

The following are the Association's guiding principles:

  1. Educate the market about the potential UV LED equipment (materials, lamps, inks, adhesives, coatings, machines, etc.)
  2. Set guidelines that participants voluntarily agree to follow
  3. Provide education regarding the short and long-term benefits of UV LED curing solutions
  4. Foster communication between suppliers and consumers of UV LED solutions

The founding members (see sidebar) will be actively soliciting industry participants for input into industry challenges; from common terminology, to measurement, to industry education. The Association will be open to new members in early 2012. Currently, the Association is designed to generate and establish guidelines that will further accelerate UV LED curing adoption.

UV LED Curing Association Publishes First UV LED Glossary of Terms

December 15, 2011
From UV LED Curing Association

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November 10, 2011
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