Picaboo Yearbooks

Picaboo Yearbooks

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1160 Chestnut Street
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Founded by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy, the Picaboo product and service was commercially released in 2006.

Company Profile

Picaboo is a premier provider of photo products. With Picaboo, anyone with digital photos can create beautiful photo products in seconds. Unlike photofinishing websites, Picaboo does not force you to spend hours uploading photos before you create a project. Rather, with Picaboo installed, you can make a complete, ready-to-order book or card in minutes. The technology behind Picaboo is comprised of an elegant client-side application and back-end network that makes creating, sharing, buying and updating photo products simple.

With billions of digital photos trapped on computer hard drives around the world, we believe that photo products are the next-generation of photofinishing. Our goal is to deliver the most innovative, easy, and fun way to create, share and buy high quality photo projects.


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Financial Information

Picaboo is a privately held company. Funding partners include several premier Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

The Origin of the Picaboo Name

Picaboo is a play on the phrase peek-a-boo, which is a common expression that brings smiles to people's faces. Picaboo's use of the term reflects the company's culture, target market and mission.

Picaboo Yearbooks Partners with EDSF to Sponsor the 2014 Picaboo Yearbooks Scholarship Program

October 1, 2013
From EDSF - Electronic Document Scholarship Fund
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