Wide Scanners and Systems

Wide Scanners and Systems

Company Details:
6662 Veneto Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701

Phone: 951-313-6142
Fax: 909-912-8034

Wide Scanners and Systems, Inc. is a wholesale distribution company whose primary purpose is to provide quality manufactured wide format scanning products and solutions to Architectural, Engineering, Construction, GIS, and Graphic Arts professionals. Our products are sold through a nationwide network of high-quality authorized resellers. Wide Scanners and Systems is a customer-focused organization, balanced by a clear understanding that honesty, forthrightness and integrity are the key elements in building successful relationships.


Wide Scanners and Systems was established in October 2008 during the acquisition of GTCO CalComp's scanner division. Prior to the acquisition Bill Mitchell, founder and co-owner of Wide Scanners and Systems, served as GTCO CalComp's product manager for the wide format scanner product line. Previous to his role at GTCO CalComp, Bill held the position of North American Sales Manager for Contex Scanning Technology, Ontario, CA.

Contex Reseller Earns Certificate of Appreciation from US Army's Common Hardware Systems Program

June 10, 2013
From Contex Americas