Japs-Olson Company

Japs-Olson Company

Company Details:
7500 Excelsior Boulevard
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Phone: 952.932.9393
Fax: 952.912.1900

Japs-Olson Company was founded in 1907 by Barney Japs and G.F. Olson. Then a small print company, we have since grown to be a worldwide leader in direct mail services and commercial printing.

Today, we employ more than 700 people and provide services to clients nationwide. Our modern, 512,000 square foot facility operates around the clock to ensure we meet your deadlines.

Printing Services

Our end-to-end printing and mailing services include prepress production, variable image printing, lettershop services, data processing services, commingling and direct mail fulfillment. All of our printing services are completed in-house.

An Expectation of Quality

Our first 100 years have seen continual innovation and technology upgrades, as part of our commitment to delivering the most efficient, high quality direct mailing solutions available.

Our leadership team drives this progress, while ensuring a high level of customer service.

Our dedication to providing best-in-class service and technology has driven us to create an unparalleled list of firsts.

This commitment to quality and service does not go unnoticed—we are continually recognized as a leader within the print industry by major publications and print partners.