Millcraft Paper

Millcraft Paper

Company Details:
6800 Grant Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44105

Phone: 216-441-5500
Toll Free: 800-860-2482
Fax: 216-641-2610

The Millcraft Paper Company is committed to being a premier, independent merchant and converter of printing paper that is rooted in the Midwest and viewed as the easiest to do business with by its customers and suppliers.

What we believe in:

Increasing the economic well-being of all our stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers, neighbors, shareholders

* Developing our unique competitive advantages to the extent that we may appear to be unfair to our competition

* Practicing change

* Having our interactions be based on integrity and mutual respect

* Supporting the personal and professional development of our employees

* Rewarding achievers, redirecting non-achievers

* Balancing our business needs with a conscientious effort towards the long term protection and enhancement of our natural environment

* Having fun