Metal FX Films LLC

Metal FX Films LLC

Company Details:
27 East Kearney Street, Unit B
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Phone: 732-560-1297

Metal FX Films LLC was launched in early 2014 by two long-term industry veterans with a combined 80 years of experience in the films industry. From their 16,000 square-foot facility, Jim Parker and Charlie Yetka provide brushed films they believe will surpass in quality and appearance anything on the market today.

The new company re-establishes the magic the partners perfected using their experience, initially in hot stamping, and then their years in the brushed films industry. The results are dramatic, eye-catching visuals that simply stand out on store shelves for a wide variety of products.

“Our intention is to return brushed films to the pinnacle of the world’s decorative, graphic films,” Jim Parker explained.  “We are proud of our new company and our renewed commitment to users and designers who can introduce this magnificent film to their customers knowing it is the finish to get their product noticed.”

By using brushed films as their chosen finish, brands have achieved significant spikes in sales. The production expertise and imagination of Metal FX Films is a natural for packages such as golf ball boxes, special-edition and premium DVDs, mouthwash rinses, skin and hair care products, fragrances and shopping bags, presentation folders, CDs, gift items, makeup and perfumes, special issues of magazine covers, annual reports, POP displays, automotive interior parts, kitchen appliances, gift cards, elegant confections, and men’s and women’s toiletry cartons.

Cross Grain Brushed Pattern

From Metal FX Films LLC