Laurel Brunner

Laurel Brunner started her career in 1978 as an accountant for a printing company. Since then she has worked exclusively in the prepress and publishing industries, with a particular specialisation in prepress production and digital technologies. She is managing director of Digital Dots, an international consulting group, and publisher of Spindrift, an independent, subscriber supported newsletter for the graphic arts, printing and publishing industries.

Laurel Brunner is active in standards development through her work with ISO committes and is the convenor of ISO’s task force looking at carbon footprinting standards for print media products. She provides private consulting and editorial services to a wide cross section of publishers and industry associations. Her work regularly appears in newspapers and magazines around the world, and Laurel is a regular speaker at industry conferences in Europe, the United States and Asia.

About Digital Dots

Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research company established in 1999. The company provides exclusive market research, testing and evaluation services for prepress and publishing applications. It also publishes Spindrift and founded Verdigris, an environmental initiative designed to raise knowledge and awareness levels within the printing industry.


Carbon Conundrums

Carbon Conundrums