Catherine Cresswell

Catherine Cresswell is responsible for conducting research and analysis on all aspects of the European supplies market, as well as the production of forecasts and newsletter reports. She also responds to client inquiries and works on custom consulting projects. In addition, her responsibilities include delivering presentations on the European supplies market at industry events. Ms. Cresswell has spent the past 19 years working in the field of market research and analysis, specializing in the digital imaging and supplies markets, and has provided private client consultation to leading vendors of media and marking materials across Europe, the U.S., and Japan. From 1992 to 1996, she served as an Analyst and Director of BIS Strategic Decisions' European Hard Copy Supplies Service. She then worked for a printer OEM for 2 years in a product management capacity before joining InfoTrends in 1998. Ms. Cresswell graduated with honors to earn a B.A. Degree in European Business, as well as a Diploma in Marketing. She is also fluent in German.


  • Paper and Media

  • Marking materials

  • Toner and Cartridges

  • Channels

Xerox Relinquishes it’s European Paper Business to Merchant

Xerox Relinquishes it’s European Paper Business to Merchant