2012 Top 100 Chart

This year presented the perfect opportunity to realign our annual Top 100 list to reflect QP’s updated editorial focus. Our August issue will feature the first everPrinting News Top 50 large commercial printers in North America. This will provide a more appropriate venue for the large commercial printers which, until now, have broken out their quick and small commercial divisions for the Top 100. That means that this year’s list does not include behemoths such as Balmar and CCI/Coakley Tech.

The result of this move is that we are left with a far more accurate portrait of the North American quick/small commercial printing market. However, it also became necessary to adjust last year's numbers in order to compare the lists more accurately, year-over-year. To that end, I reconfigured the 2010 numbers by backing out the two largest companies in order to avoid skewing the comparisons.