MyPRINTResource Multi-Media Options

Profile Video: Your Product or Company Featured in a video
Do you want to share with your customers the people, processes and exclusive insights behind your company and products? Would one of your employees be the best person to tell the story for your business and its products? Then the Profile Video package may be the ideal fit for your needs.

Custom Newscast: Your Branded Content. The Power of Video.
A custom newscast provides impactful exposure for your business, products, services and people through on-camera interviews, customer testimonials, product demos, news updates and more. In this day of digital marketing it’s about creating content, not commercials and video is the most engaging content out there. Launch your custom newscast today!

Custom Video: Create Your Own Video
Video is one of the most engaging content types of any media and can be the key piece to your marketing campaign. It can also be overwhelming to produce a video. But not when you work with the Cygnus Multimedia team. We make the process of creating a video specifically tailored to your needs an EASY one. We provide the equipment, experience and resources to execute your vision. And you can be as involved or hands-off as you desire.

From-the-floor Report: Because the Industry needs to know now
An attendee wanders the show floor staring at their mobile device. Suddenly they get an e-mail with video of the hot product from the show they’re attending. They watch the video of your product and how it will benefit their business. They suddenly stop wandering and head to your booth. And those key customers who didn’t make it to your booth or couldn’t attend the show? The video is available for them to view on a website. Now your trade show investment truly lives on a multimedia platform well after the show closes.

How-To/Training: When Showing is better than telling
Conducting training or doing live demonstrations is costly, difficult to coordinate and has a limited reach. So if there is an activity that your customers need to know and it is easier to “show and tell” than try to explain on paper, the How-To/Training videos are what you’re looking for. A How-To/ Training video showcases the steps of a specific task or technical application while furthering the skill-set and education of the viewer.

Live Stream Video
Most of your targeted customers will not be able to make it to your conference, event or trade show. But you can make them feel like they’re there and communicate in near real time. Cygnus can help you create a live event for you, from the location of your choice, through live streaming video.

Product Show: Feature Your Product Reviews
Have a show created for you that features your products! How would you like to have video content that features the latest, most innovative products and gear your company has to offer? We’ve made the process of having this engaging and entertaining video program produced for you an easy one.

Video Advertising
Cygnus Business Media produces a number of videos for their online properties. With these videos come a number of advertising opportunities for you to take advantage of. These include pre- and post-roll videos as well as in-player and companion banner ads. No matter which type best fits your marketing campaign, you’ll enjoy the benefits these ad positions have shown to deliver — brand recognition, click-through conversions and more.

Video Spotlight: Your Branded Content – Our Reach
Bring more attention to your videos with the Video Spotlight program. It will feature your video on your favorite Cygnus website in prominent positions for a period of time to help you reach your targeted audience. The Video Spotlight program takes your branded content and leverages our reach in the industry to give you a positive return on your video investment.

1st Person persona: Giving Customers a First-person View
Video is a great way to show your brand and products. And using a first-person perspective in the video you can give your audience an interesting and engaging view. Then, building out a character for whose vision the viewers share provides the foundation for an impactful and far-reaching branded content campaign.

Tablet Apps
The adoption of your web content into unique tablet content is on a meteoric rise and is only expected to continue over the next few years. This combined with the functionality that is built into apps, you are provided a new, interactive way to tell your story. This can be done through Custom or Branded apps. Custom apps are tailored to meet your specific goals while branded apps are a form of content marketing.

Modern companies are challenged to reach and engage internal and external audiences for marketing, training, and corporate communications. Cygnus Digital Webcasting is proven to drive higher levels of audience engagement around your message using a highly scalable and reliable platform for visual enterprise communications.

Mobile Advertising
Cygnus Business Media brands now offer advertising especially configured for mobile versions of all Cygnus websites. Advertising opportunities include display, text, and combination packages that integrate with other digital platforms. No matter which approach fits your marketing campaign, you’ll enjoy the benefits these new ad types and programs provide in order to deliver brand recognition, brand lift, click-through conversions and more.

Contextual Advertising: Your Message. On Target.
Contextual advertising allows you to place your ads on all company pages, product listings, relevant articles, video and other content tagged with a specific keyword.