Eleven for 2011: A Strategic Road Map!

Date: 03/16/11 12:00 AM CT - 03/16/11 12:00 AM CT
Web site: http://tiny.cc/6j9g9
Email: susan.weiss@xerox.com

Eleven for 2011: A Strategic Road Map!

March 16, 2010

Noon to 1:00 p.m. EST


• Executive Host: Susan Weiss, Manager, Worldwide Customer Business Development, Xerox Corporation

• Moderator: Barb Pellow, Group Director, InfoTrends


You’ve had a few weeks to put 2010 behind you and begin preparing for 2011. Like many print service providers, you have weathered the recession. Although business has started to pick up, you may be seeking the right strategies to transform your business. Working smarter, more efficiently, and offering higher-value services to your customers will be critical to success in 2011. The long-term impact of the recent recession is that the nature of our work has changed forever. In this Business Development Webinar Series, Barb Pellow, Group Director at InfoTrends, will outline Eleven Top Trends that service providers should be thinking about as you plan for 2011. These include Cross-Media, Compensation, Data, Automation, Impact of Mobile, Self-Promotion, Metrics and more.


Following Barb’s overview we will open up the lines for a LIVE Question & Answer session. You can pre-submit a question early to susan.weiss@xerox.com (with “Question” in the subject line) or ask directly on the Webinar.


Take an hour out of your business schedule to learn more about the 11 trends in 2011 and how they might impact or benefit the strategic direction of your business!


Each webinar attendee will receive a copy of the February 2011 InfoTrends Analysis: Road Map 2011: Business Development Strategies. This document provides InfoTrends’ perspective on the trends you should be thinking about for 2011.