The Sales Triathlon: Time Mgt., Beating Voice Mail, Overcoming Objections (Seminar Session) (R7)

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/11/11 2:00 PM CT - 09/11/11 3:30 PM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
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Fee: $125 (counts as 1 seminar towards a Value Package Plan) View Pricing

Speaker: Bill Farquharson


If your salespeople can't beat voice mail... manage their time poorly...can't overcome the "We already have a printer" objection, all the capabilities in the world mean nothing! While technology advances are fantastic, the missing link in many printers' offerings is the ability to CONNECT with prospects and S-E-L-L! Regardless of the radical changes our industry has experienced over the past few years, SALES ultimately make difference in building volume. This on-point program will deliver an avalanche of sales education that will leave your wrists aching from writing down all of the ideas! Newbies: learn the right way to prospect. Veterans: remember tactics long forgotten. Selling Owners and Managers: discover exactly what you and your salespeople need to know to expertly convey all of your equipment benefits and unique offerings.

Room S405ab

You Will Learn:

  • How to increase your sales efficiency
  • How to improve overall productivity
  • How to achieve a balance between work and play
  • The REAL purpose of Voice Mail
  • Why your messages go unreturned
  • How to beat the dreaded, "We already have a printer" objection
  • Why you keep running into price objections

Who Should Attend:
New printing salespeople, veteran Printing Salespeople, Sales Managers, Print Shop Owners, CSRs, In-plant Reps, Equipment Vendors and their salespeople

Business Categories:
Entrepreneurship, Management, Sales and Marketing

Bill Farquharson, President
Aspire For, Inc.