Capital Investment Decision Checklist: Key Points to Consider FIRST! (Seminar Session) (R10)

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/11/11 4:00 PM CT - 07/01/11 5:30 PM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
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Fee: $125 (counts as 1 seminar towards a Value Package Plan) View Pricing

Speaker: Ray Hartman


The ‘art’ of investing in capital equipment requires: 1) a thorough evaluation of your market and customer needs; and, 2) a strategic plan to maximize return on investment. Rather than based on emotions or high expectations of customer response, effective capital investment planning requires a disciplined approach that involves financial cost models, equipment utilization benchmarking, and realistic ROI goals for the project justification. Here you will gain keen insights on the essential components for supporting capital expenditure projects in your business operations. When it is time to replace older equipment? What measurable benefits will the investment deliver for the firm and how will it impact overall productivity? Get the answers these questions, and more.

Room S404b 

You will learn:

  • How to audit existing equipment performance and utilization as first actions
  • Create benchmarking standards for existing equipment vs. any new machines
  • Develop realistic and measurable Budgeted Hourly Rates for manufacturing
  • How to build successful ROI models for a “2 for 1” replacement strategy
  • How to create comparative models for Internal Rate of Return for several projects
  • Develop realistic ramp-up curves for productivity gains that bring value
  • What you must include in your “performance-based” purchase agreements
  • What manufacturing metrics reporting elements are necessary after new installations start production
  • How to build a manufacturing culture driven for performance and accountability

Who Should Attend:
Printing industry CEOs, CFOs, and other executives responsible for company strategy, and
Printing Industry Analysts

Business Categories:
Entrepreneurship, Executive, Management

Ray Hartman, Executive Vice President
World Graphic Services