Avoid Design Disaster – Maximize your Postage Discounts through Proper Mailpiece Design (Seminar Session) (R24)

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/12/11 2:00 PM CT - 09/12/11 3:30 PM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
Web site: http://graph11.mapyourshow.com/5_0/sessions/sessiondetails.cfm?ScheduledSessionID=18A9CAC0&CFID=10009541&CFTOKEN=fa0ae01d9c0b7225-ADA7ED3E-F3F1-CC78-D4EF6D9E8DD2955A

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Speaker: George Heinrich


There is a direct relationship between the design of a mailpiece, postal regulations and the related costs of postage.
Size, shape, address location, the manufacturing process and even paper weight all impact how much your customers will pay to get their message delivered. Join G. P. Heinrich, The Postal Professor in this information packed 90 minutes as he helps you gain a better understanding of postal regulations and their impact of on design and postage.
Topics to be covered will be, but not limited to….

  • Understanding your Uncontrollable Business Partner – The USPS
  • Yes, Size Does Matter – Shape Based Processing
  • The Importance of those Funny Little Lines – Barcodes and Automation
  • Win an Award! Pay Less Postage! It’s Your Choice! – How design impacts mail
  • Oop$ - You’ll be amazed! – The True Cost of Poor Mailpiece Design
  • And of course, the Infamous Q & A Session

Room S503ab

Business Categories:
Design/Creative, Mailing and Fulfillment, Pre-Media, Print Buying

George Heinrich

George Heinrich, PPhD, CQMPS, OMG, CMQCS, PIG, CMDP
The Postal Professor

Who is the Postal Professor?
The Professor has been the mailing industry for over 40 years. Along with owning two successful direct mail companies, he has served in leadership positions for some of the most respected graphic communication corporations in the country.

Although he had never worked for the USPS, George is recognized as a postal authority and mailing operations specialist. As a featured speaker at industry related conferences, he provides insight on the relationship between mailers and the US Postal Service. A long time member and supporter of the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA), he is also an active member of PIA and the former Industry Co-Chair of the Denver Postal Customer Council.

In 2007 MFSA honored George by presenting him with the Luke Kaiser Educational Award for outstanding contributions to education in the direct mail industry.

Along with his speaking engagements, George spends a great deal of his time providing on-site mail and fulfillment related training and operational evaluations, including the Quality Mail Preparation Specialist Certification training sponsored by MFSA.

Using humor and his extensive industry and postal knowledge, he has educated hundreds about the complexities and nuances of this unique business.

For those inquiring minds….
PPhD – Every professor needs a doctorate degree. I presumed that since I’ve been in the mailing business so long, I qualified for a degree in going postal, therefore the extra “P”. I gave the title to myself! I tell my students that I have a “Doctorate in Postal”.
CQMPS – This is the result of completing the Certified Quality Mail Preparation Specialist training supported by the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA). I developed this course as a replacement for the former USPS Mailpiece Quality Control Program.
PIG – Postal Information Guru. This title was given to me in July 2009 by Mr. Dave Reedy upon his retirement from the USPS. He held the title since 1995 and said to me that the title was significant and should be passed along to a worthy recipient. I am proud to carry on the title in his honor.
CMDP – Certified Mailpiece Design Professional. An additional certification from the US Postal Service which indicates that I have completed a week long course on Mailpiece Design, presented at the USPS National Center for Employee Development in Norman OK.
OMG – No, this doesn’t mean “Oh my God!” This title was given to me by a good friend and stands for “Old Mailing Guy”.
CMQCS – Signifies that I’m a Certified Mailpiece Quality Control Specialist. This formal certification was from the USPS and shows that I have taken a course and passed a hundred question final exam, Before the program was discounted, I had the pleasure of teaching this course to others and certifying over 1500 MQC specialists.
Basically, three titles are there just for laughs; however they do look pretty impressive, don’t they? p.s. G. P. stands for George Phillip or Gone Postal, your choice.