It's About Selling! A Sales Pro's Guide to Mastering Social Media (Seminar Session) (R26)

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/12/11 4:00 PM CT - 09/12/11 5:30 PM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
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Fee: $125 (counts as 1 seminar towards a Value Package Plan) View Pricing

Speaker: Julie Shaffer


Some social media pundits will say that engaging in social media is all about “the conversation” or “building brand awareness” or “creating good will.” Well, sure, those are all viable reasons to use social tools—but let’s face it, if you’re going to take the time and effort to build a social media strategy and go at it full tilt, you want to get something concrete back for the effort: Sales! Of course, blatant sales talk, especially the, “two for one printing today only!” will only cause a mass exodus of your followers/friends. In this session we’ll cover: realistic, viable ideas to make connections with real potential clients and land actual sales using social media tools, and talk about print service providers who have done just that.

Room S404b

You Will Learn:

  • About the best social platforms for sales prospecting and contact
  • How to take advantage of the sales-centric features in LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Why your own company website is an important part of your efforts
  • What kind of social interaction can most likely to lead to sales
  • Integrating social media with print promotions
  • The techniques used by others who have sold using social

Who Should Attend:
Owners, Sales Managers, Salespeople, CSRs, Marketers

Business Categories:
Cloud Computing, Design/Creative, Entrepreneurship, Executive, Interactive Media, Management, Sales and Marketing, Trends and Opportunities

Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Technologies
Printing Industries of America

Julie Shaffer is the vice president of digital technologies for the Printing Industries of America. In addition, she manages the organizations’ Center for Digital Printing Excellence, as well as the Digital Printing Council. Shaffer is co-author of the Social Media Field Guide, The PDF Print Production Guide and the Web-to-Print Primer. She is well known for her graphic production expertise and is often called upon for her training, presentations, and to provide on-site consultations.