Color Managing a Digital Press: Experience From the Field (Seminar Session) (R27)

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/12/11 4:00 PM CT - 09/12/11 5:30 PM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
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Fee: $125 (counts as 1 seminar towards a Value Package Plan) View Pricing

Speaker: Greg Radenic


Although color management and process control for toner-based digital presses involves many of the same techniques used for offset presses, the tools for, and execution of those techniques can be very different. Many digital press manufacturers may include basic color training during press installation, but they don’t delve deep enough to provide a foundational understanding of how to optimize color output—this session will.

Room S405a

You Will Learn:

  • The ins and outs of how to color manage a digital press
  • How to maintain color on a digital press
  • All about the tools required for performing this task to include and the pros and cons of different devices
  • An in-depth conversation on matching other printing processes
  • The challenges that can arise and how to conform to industry standards and specifications such as ISO and G7

Who Should Attend:
Quality Managers, Prepress Supervisors/Managers, Digital Press Operators/Supervisors, Printing Equipment Suppliers and Vendors

Business Categories:
Digital Media, Digital Presses, Executive, Pre-Media, Production, Proofing, Workflow

Greg Radenic, Research Scientist
Printing Industries of America

Greg provides expertise in contract research and product testing where he manages many of the projects facilitated by Printing Industries of America for printers and suppliers alike. He also provides assistance with developing process controls tools and laboratory testing of printed matter and materials.

Greg has authored dozens of articles for Printing Industries of America as well as many of the annually published Research and Technology reports. He is a frequent seminar speaker at major industry events and is a workshop leader for the color management workshops. In addition to providing internal expertise, Greg consults extensively in the arena of print quality in multiple printing processes and is a G7 Certified Expert.