XPLOR: Increasing Customer Loyalty (X11)

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/13/11 9:00 AM CT - 09/13/11 9:50 AM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
Web site: http://graph11.mapyourshow.com/5_0/sessions/sessiondetails.cfm?ScheduledSessionID=18A9C8C0

Speaker: Mike Maselli

With the increasing popularity of transpromotional mailings and electronic delivery, enabled by rapidly evolving technologies from data processing through printing and finishing, there are many opportunities to increase customer loyalty, message impact and revenue through meaningful communications.

During this session, Mike Maselli will discuss the impact that loyal customers have on business results, and provide examples and recommendations on how to use relevant messaging to further customer loyalty and increase profits.

Room N426b

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Mike Maselli

Mike Maselli, VP Marketing & Product Management
Böwe Bell & Howell

Maselli has held numerous product management and product marketing positions during his career, and has been with BÖWE BELL + HOWELL since 1998. During his first 4 years at BBH Maselli led a team responsible for developing eMessaging services, then for 7 years managed all of the product management and marketing activities for the software division at BÖWE BELL + HOWELL.

Maselli has received multiple patents, and is a frequent presenter and publisher for industry events and publications.