Print Enhancements: Gateway to New Sales & Increased Profits (Seminar Session) (R41)

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/13/11 4:00 PM CT - 09/13/11 5:30 PM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
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Fee: $125 (counts as 1 seminar towards a Value Package Plan) View Pricing

Speaker: David Hutchison


Whether conventional sheetfed printing or digital printing, print-enhanced products deliver high value and return on investment. But which print enhancement options are compatible with which printing process? Printers who understand THIS are best positioned to deliver higher unit value on sales, increase their profitability, and gain greater returns for customer investments. Join Mr. Hutchison, a 35-year veteran of the print enhancement industry, as he reveals a wide variety of print enhancement options plus: compatibility attributes with both conventional and digital formats; comparisons of results and process investment; best practices of companies that have been successful selling print enhancements; plus , additional tools for increasing YOUR knowledge and jump-start your planning success.

Room S403a 

You will learn:

  • Learn how print enhancements can gross up sales value per customer
  • Opportunities to separate your company from the “me too” crowd.
  • How to benchmark your prepress and graphics capabilities against the requirements for successful print enhancement projects
  • The bottom line on the do’s and don’ts producing for print enhanced projects

Who Should Attend:
Company management, sales, prepress, production

Business Categories:
Design/Creative, Entrepreneurship, Executive, Management, Packaging, Sales and Marketing

David Hutchison, Association Board Member
Foil & Specialty Effects