Xerox Business Development Webinar: Leveraging Social Media to Drive Business

Type: Seminar
Date: 11/28/12 12:00 PM CT - 11/28/12 1:00 PM CT
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Xerox Business Development Webinar: Leveraging Social Media to Drive Business

November 28, 2012, Noon to 1:00 p.m. (New York time)

This session is designed for print and marketing services providers who want to explore how best to incorporate social media into their own marketing efforts, as well as how they can offer social media services to clients. You will hear about specific success stories and ideas related to how social media can be monetized, packaged, or otherwise used for business purposes. Find out how to incorporate social media in your marketing mix; evaluate what has worked for other print and cross media service providers; and discuss how your peers are effectively deploying social media.

Each participant will receive the following Analysis Report from InfoTrends (a $199 value).

Building a Social Media Strategy

Social media continues to become a mainstay of everyday communication. Print service providers who have not developed a social media strategy need to start. This three-part whitepaper series entitled Building a Social Media Strategy provides a basic overview of social media and the tools necessary to actively participate. The paper highlights the business goals associated with social media, identifies the most prominent social media platforms used to achieve these goals, and describes best practices for developing a social media strategy. It also includes a guided worksheet for deploying a social media strategy.

Executive Host: Susan Weiss, Mgr., WW Customer Business Development, Xerox Corporation

Moderator: Barb Pellow, Group Director InfoTrends Business Development Services, InfoTrends

Xerox Customer Guest Speakers:

Martijn Bloksma, Social Marketing Manager, Pondres,

Brandon Tobman, Chief Technology Officer & COO, Automation Cross-Media Co,

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