R7 - Print Reinvented: Steps to New Product Development

Type: Seminar
Date: 09/08/13 2:00 PM CT - 09/08/13 3:30 PM CT
Location: Chicago, IL United States
Web site: http://print13.mapyourshow.com/5_0/sessions/sessiondetails.cfm?ScheduledSessionID=18A9CBC5

Date: Sunday, September 8 

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Speaker: Ken Macro


How are your sales? Maintaining the same clients? Or, have you had an opportunity to expand into new markets? Guess what, the traditional sales tactics for print and graphic communication enterprises have changed and consequently become more challenging, if you didn’t know that already. Buyers have many options to choose from for printing services and very limited time to engage in face-to-face dialog with you. In this seminar, Ken inspires the industry to find meaning and purpose once again through the creation of innovative printed products.

You will learn

  • How to open doors within both existing and new clientele space
  • To incorporate new and emerging trends in buyer behavior theory into your promotional activities
  • How to provide your sales force with viable and practical options for gaining access to entering markets that are currently under-utilized and/or untapped
  • How to begin a product development campaign and launch an initiative into your existing marketing plan

Who should attend: Small, medium, and large commercial printers. In-plant printers

Business/Executive, Marketing/Sales