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USPS Offering a 3% Mobile Barcode Discount This Summer

Put mobile barcodes to the test and get a 3% discount on First-Class Mail and Standard Mail letters and flats. Those quirky little pixilated squares are popping up in a lot of places lately: in magazines, on products and, yes, in mail. Mobile barcodes provide a connection between print and the digital world.

Mobile barcodes are two-dimensional (2-D) images that can be read by smartphones that have a 2-D barcode application/reader. When scanned, these mobile barcodes can motivate an otherwise passive consumer to take immediate action: make a purchase, register for an event, or download a coupon.

The Mobile Barcode Promotion runs July 1, 2011, through August 31, 2011.

For a limited time, the Postal Service is offering business mailers an upfront 3% discount on First-Class and Standard Mail letters and flats that include a mobile barcode. The following rules apply:

• Mobile barcodes must be two-dimensional and readable by a mobile smartphone. One-dimensional barcodes do NOT qualify.

• Mailing documentation must be submitted electronically, and mail must be sent with postage paid through a permit imprint. Current methods include: Mail.XML, Mail.dat, and Postal Wizard. (Mailings submitted via Postal Wizard cannot exceed 9,999 pieces.)

• Participating mailers are required to affirmatively claim this promotion in electronic postage statement submissions, certifying each mailpiece contains a mobile barcode either within the contents or on the outside of the mailpiece.

• All mailpieces in a postage mailing statement must contain a mobile barcode.

• With the exception of the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) full-service discount, only one
incentive per mailing will apply.

• The objective of the two-dimensional mobile barcode on eligible mailpieces must be
to initiate interaction with consumers via mobile smartphones to market, promote, or
educate. Two-dimensional barcodes used for other purposes -– such as internal corporate
operational processes or postage evidencing –- are not eligible for the discount.

• Mail must be tendered for acceptance during the promotion period, July 1, 2011, through
August 31, 2011.

• Nonprofit mail is not eligible for the discount.
Mobile Barcode Promotion

In accordance with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, on April 12, 2011,
the Postal Service filed a Notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (“PRC”)
regarding the Mobile Barcode Promotion. The PRC review, approval, and feedback are
expected to take 45 days from that date –- implementation of this promotion will not
take place until PRC approval is received.

For additional information about the promotion, you may contact the program office via email at