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WP Digital Virtu RR50 UV Printer Wins EDP Award

WP Digital AG has announced that it has won the EDP -European Digital Press Association Award; "Best Superwide Format 3+ Meters of the Year 2010" for its Virtu RR50 5 Meter wide UV roll to roll printer.

"The award is given, among other reasons, for the white ink option, options of 36 or 48 print-heads, multi-roll print capability, maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi, front and rear loading options. Maximum speed of 320 sqm/hour. Heavyweight reel handling, longitudinal and cross-cutting facility and mesh function," said Agustin Torres, chairman, EDP.

The Virtu RR50 is the big brother of the popular Virtu RS25 and Virtu RS35 UV printers. The Virtu RS 3-in-1 printers feature a combination of true XY flatbed printing, hybrid belt transport printing or a combination of both modes to print rigid media of any length and roll printing. The Virtu RS printers truly are really three printers in one machine.

Thanks to its massive frame and Swiss quality workmanship the Virtu RR50 produces stunning award winning digital print graphics in any size up to five meters wide.

"There are technological advances in the RR50 which set it apart from everything else on the market, such as the linear motor systems which eliminates all vibration for extremely accurate dot placement resulting very high print quality at very fast print speeds, "said Kaspar Widmar, president of WP Digital. "The RR50 is flexible enough to allow a single operator to load rolls using a remote control device. This and many more innovative engineering features built into the RR50 are what the superwide market has been waiting for."

These benefits come as a result of the RR50's heritage in precision Swiss engineering. "We are pleased that our Virtu printers are getting the recognition they deserves and we are grateful to the EDP panel for presenting the Virtu RR50 this award. The truth is that all our Virtu machines are powerhouse printers for display production on to almost any material and have a well earned reputation for being both reliable and versatile," said Widmar.