Drytac Corp.

Drytac's UltraFlex Gloss Coating Approved for use in Avery ICS Fleet Warranty

Drytac's aqueous coating for fleet graphics has been approved for use with Avery Graphics digital films such as the MPI 1005 Supercast Series, and 2005 Series when printed on Mimaki printers using OEM inks.

Offering a four-year life, properly applied, EnduraCoat Ultra Flex Gloss aqueous coating provides resistance to color fade, edge lifting, "tenting" around rivets and gloss reduction.

EnduraCoat UltraFlex Gloss contains a blend of acrylic and non yellowing urethane polymers to give indoor/outdoor graphics flexibility and maximum outdoor durability, further protecting the image against harsh environments, road grime, tar, dirt and abrasion from auto washes. EnduraCoat UltraFlex is also chemical resistant and extremely low in VOC content, making it one of the premier coatings the industry has to offer.

"We're extremely excited to have been included in this warranty program," said Jim Tatum, vice president and general manager, Liquids Coating Division for Drytac. "I think it really speaks to the overall performance qualities of this product and the combination of the system overall, when combined with the Avery Graphics films."

Coatings in Drytac's EnduraCoat aqueous coating line can be applied with Drytac's AFC aqueous liquid coaters as well as with a roller, paint pad, or airless sprayer.


Approved Drytac Product:  

EnduraCoat UltraFlex Gloss

Approved Avery MPI Products:

1005 Supercast Series

2005 Series, 2120

6200 Premium Reflective