Muller Martini Corp.

Muller Martini to Demonstrate ASIR 3 Signature Recognition Technology at Graph Expo

There's nothing more disconcerting for publishers—and readers—than missing or misarranged signatures. Those mishaps can be virtually eliminated with ASIR 3 (Automatic Signature Image Recognition), the proprietary technology form Muller Martini that ensures that the correct signature is loaded in the correct sequence. ASIR 3 reads barcodes as well as images. However, what's truly unique about ASIR 3 is, unlike other readers, it can operate in barcode mode or image mode simultaneously. This allows printers to run signatures with and without barcodes at the same time, enabling greater productivity and job diversity.

During Graph Expo, ASIR 3 will be demonstrated on Muller Martini's all-new Primera E110 mid-range saddle stitcher. The Primera E110 produces 11,000 copies per hour and offers the latest automation in its class. Visitors to Booth #637 will be able to view ASIR 3 in action in order to gain a better understanding of what makes this technology so valuable, including:

• Accuracy. Because ASIR 3 uses barcode technology, it's possible to identify any signature with 99.9 percent accuracy.

• Adaptable. ASIR 3 can be added to Muller Martini equipment as well as competitive equipment. In addition, it instantly updates the technological capabilities of legacy machines.

• Quality control. ASIR 3 combines barcode recognition with image comparison to deliver job-specific, highly reliable quality control.

• Cost-savings. Because of its proven accuracy, ASIR 3 reduces reprints and waste.

• Enhanced ROI. Adding ASIR 3 technology increases a machine's resale value.

There are other reasons why printers and binderies should pay closer attention to the use of ASIR 3 technology, perhaps the most compelling being that some publishers are now requiring its use before awarding contracts.