Screen USA

Screen PlateRite FX870II

Screen (USA) (Booth 1637) is debuting to the North American market its PlateRite FX870II, a thermal platesetter for flexographic and letterpress printing. The PlateRite FX870II features high-quality imaging technology that enables output up to 4,800 dpi. This level of output resolution improves the look of curved and diagonal shapes, as well as the reproduction of fine lines and cutout text.

 The PlateRite FX870II supports a wide range of flexo applications, including labels, flexible packaging, corrugated, carton and security printing. Imaging at a choice of 2,400 dpi, 2,540 dpi or 4,800 dpi resolutions with screen rulings up to 200 lpi, the PlateRite FX870II produces consistently high-quality plates very competitively.

 The platesetter outputs flexo digital plates, letterpress digital plates and thermal ablation film. An option for imaging thermal offset plates also is available. The PlateRite FX870II accommodates plates from DuPont, Flint Group (BASF), Toray, McDermid and Asahi-Kasei.

 Plates can be loaded in any size from 7.9x7.9 inches to 34.2x30 inches without any extra handling or masking of the drum. The PlateRite FX870II incorporates a newly developed, high-output recording head. An auto-balancing function ensures stable drum rotation. To further improve productivity, the PlateRite FX870II features a clamp that makes plate loading simple and efficient.