Kopytek Adds to its Arsenal of High Tech Printing Equipment

The past few years have brought about profound changes to the way companies conduct business and operate, the printing industry included. St. Louis-based printer Kopytek has been on the forefront of these changes, and has played a key role in offering marketers new and more effective ways to communicate with their printed materials. This month, the firm unveiled its latest purchase, the Océ Varioprint 6250, as yet another way to provide customers the latest in technology, speed, and flexibility.

"Lower costs and quick turnaround times, as well as staying on the cutting edge of technology are key in moving the printing industry forward," said John Peterson, Kopytek CEO. "Technology and printing go hand-in-hand today more than ever, and the Océ Varioprint will provide even greater flexibility for digital printing jobs and more efficient database integration for highly effective and highly targeted pieces."

The Océ Varioprint 6250 is the world's fastest high volume instant duplex printer, delivering near off-set quality at 250 letter duplex prints per minute with full variable printing capability. The printer has sophisticated media handling of up to eight different types of media, collated in-line and in-line stitching, and trimming up to 200 pages. The Océ Varioprint 6250 is rated up to 7.5 million impressions per month.

"Clients today are working with tighter budgets and turnaround times, and need access to a commercial printer who can help them get the most for their printing dollars," said Peterson. "Kopytek has the technology and experience to guide projects from start to finish, providing customers with quality, effective printed pieces, quick delivery and competitive prices."