Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA)

Announcing the 63rd Annual TAGA Conference

The Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) is pleased to announce details on the 63rd Annual TAGA conference. The annual TAGA conference is the only international conference for the graphic arts that features technical papers on research straight from the laboratory, studies from the pressroom, and software and systems engineering studies. The conference takes place March 6–9, 2011 at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA.


The TAGA conference agenda delivers value to pressroom management, paper and ink specialists, prepress, micro technology, graphic arts educators, and research and development. A few of the session attendees will be able to attend are:
* An Investigation into Inner-Image Process Control for Newspapers
* Print Quality of Laser-Engraved Clichés for Pad Printing
* Deinkability of paper
* Micro-Reflectance Measurements of Multiple Colorants in Halftone Prints
* Key Factors Affecting Color Reproduction on Polyester Fabrics Using Heat Transfer Printing
* Cloud Printing: An Inventory


This year's conference features speakers from a wide variety of industry backgrounds and international perspectives. A few of the speakers presenting are:
* Professor Robert Chung, Franz Sigg, and Dr. J. A. Stephen Viggiano, Rochester Institute of Technology
* Quanhui Tian, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College
* John Seymour and Steve Tiltman, QuadTech
* Dr. Anthony Stanton, Carnegie Mellon University
* Dr. Martin Habekost, Ryerson University
* Chuck Gehman,


This conference provides the assets necessary to stay on top of graphic arts technology in order to help direct a company's future. For more information and to view the full program please visit, or contact Gwen Martin, conference manager, at or call (800) 910-4283 ext. 713.