Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Brazil Printers Choose Glunz & Jensen

More companies in Brazil choose Glunz & Jensen as their Automation supplier.

Correio Brazilienze, the largest newspaper in Brasilia (Capital of Brazil) has chosen Glunz & Jensen as its supplier of Punch/Benders (ProVision Alliance), Universal Transition Module and Plate Stackers. Correio Brazilienze is expanding operations with the addition of a new press. To complete their press installation, improve their Colour Registration and reduce paper waste on each press start-up, Correio Brazilienze has also added the Glunz & Jensen Press Locks to their system.

Correio Brazilienze aimed at making a substantial upgrade to their existing system to handle more plate sizes for their AGFA and BASYS Computer-to-Plate Imaging Systems. Along with a demand for more efficiency, a higher quality and to meet additional output requirements, the decision therefore was to add additional automated and fast Colour Registration capacity to their existing system.

Gezeta De Vitoria from Vitoria in Brazil, with a circulation of 300,000, is replacing their existing Western Litho Bending System with two Glunz & Jensen on-line PIKA Vision Punch/Benders, including conveyers and two position stackers. This system is an improvement of their existing system, using the latest optics and plate registration available today. It is designed to reduce paper waste on press start-up and enhance superior color registration on press using fixed camera technology.

Keld Thorsen, CEO of Glunz & Jensen, said: "These orders reflect the trend we see right now in the current economical climate. Larger companies seek to become much more efficient, to streamline their workflow, and to implement fully automated plate lines. Combining different plate sources, moving plates and even rotating/redirecting plates of different sizes or types, gives a higher efficiency and more profitability. Glunz & Jensen has the leading products, the know-how and the price point that bring us ahead of our competitors."