Aleyant Systems, LLC

Tiger Printing Group Uses Pressero to Turn Small Client into a Roaring $300,000 Annual Opportunity

Aleyant Systems has announced the success of one of its customers, Tiger Printing Group located in Telford, PA. Thanks to Pressero by Aleyant Systems, the full-service commercial printing company turned a simple business card client into a very satisfied $300,000-a-year digital and sheet-fed client using the latest in web-to-print technologies.

Pressero is a turnkey, web-to-print solution providing commercial print shops, brokers, copy shops and in-plants with a powerful set of branded, online tools for placing and managing orders. Pressero advancements are based on cloud-based XML open architecture, which provides limitless integration capabilities.

"We had a client with eight regional offices, each handling their own printing needs. The result was a loss in the company's corporate standard in regards to business card presentation--from fonts to image resolution to color matching," said Bruce Pedersen, CEO of Tiger Printing Group.

Pedersen recalls that the pros at Tiger Printing Group were able to quickly build the new client's business card template using the Pressero web-to-print storefront technology. "Pressero is such a simple, perfect solution for web-to-print," Pedersen said.

Thanks to Pressero, Tiger Printing Group cultivated the once simple business card client into a robust and very satisfied and loyal $300,000-a-year client. The customer uses a storefront set up by Tiger Printing Group for over 300 products-everything from digital to sheet-fed.

Today, the eight regional offices once impacted by inconsistent business cards are now operating as one purchasing and marketing department. "With a simple template from Pressero, we solved a huge problem for our client," said Pedersen.

"Pressero is a win-win for any printer," Pedersen said. "Aleyant Systems works with its clients to customize and develop its web-to-print technology. We rely on it to help us compete for jobs that once we could not secure."

Pressero is used by businesses of all sizes to generate and manage private-branded corporate (B2B) and retail (B2C) storefronts. Whether catalog- or item-based, storefronts include custom or stock ordering, interactive pricing, estimating, file transfer, proofing, inventory tracking, shipping, payment, order approval, JDF, and MIS integration, among other advanced workflow capabilities.