Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Glunz & Jensen Takes India with Storm at Printpack

Glunz & Jensen showed green products at Print Pack For the first time ever, Glunz & Jensen exhibited products on the Indian Print Pack show.

On show was a palette of green chem-free products; PlateWriter 2400, shown live for the first time in India, attracting constant crowds throughout the show—with its green, affordable and no chemical—plate setting features. Along with the most environmentally friendly CtP plate processors currently on the market—Raptor Chemfree and Clean-Out unit 85.

In January 2010 Glunz & Jensen launched a new series of CtP plate processors—Gecko. Gecko was part of a strategy of aiming directly at India. Filling up the product gap with Gecko for the Indian marked has really opened up for massive sales. The Indian market is ready for production effective Computer-to-plate, along with environmentally friendly products—and this is exactly what Glunz & Jensen offers in their product portfolio for the Indian market.

The result at Indian Print Pack exhibition speaks for itself: Close to 100 plate processors sold during the six day Print Pack show, along with loads of investing opportunities in Glunz & Jensen Automation solutions.

An even mix of Raptors, Geckos, and Chem-free solutions has shown that Indian companies choose to go green and build effective pres-press departments for a profitable future.

"We are very proud that so many Indian customers choose us as their supplier of pre-press equipment. We are constantly improving our products to fit into our customers working environment, and this has really given us good results in the Indian market," said Peter Jensen, vice president, global sales, Glunz & Jensen.