FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

Fastsigns Helps Sign Customers Reach a Mobile Audience

Fastsigns now provides two additional mobile marketing tools in its offering of custom visual communications solutions by introducing the first ever Quick Response (QR) code reader assistant for commercial use and the ability to provide customized mobile web sites to help businesses, events and organizations extend their marketing messages.

QR codes are scanned by a smartphone using a downloadable scanner application. Once scanned, a QR code can perform any number of functions, including displaying a website, dialing a phone number or playing a video. Partnered with Warbasse Design, Fastsigns provides the QR code reader assistant as a free service to help users identify the appropriate QR code readers for their particular smartphone or mobile device.

Part of an initiative to better serve the growing mobile population, Fastsigns is helping companies and organizations extend their off-line message through signs, promotional items and small format printing to online platforms with 2D barcode applications and web sites.

"Fastsigns strives to stay ahead of the curve in marketing and technology to be able to meet the evolving needs of our customers," said Catherine Monson, CEO of international franchisor, Fastsigns International, Inc. "On the heels of launching our mobile-enabled site, we continue to expand our value-add services like the QR code reader assistant and custom mobile websites to help our customers communicate their messages more effectively and take advantage of the exploding mobile marketing technologies available."

Users can take advantage of this first ever free commercial use QR code reader assistant by texting the letters "FSQR" to 368674 (DOTORG) or by going to The 2D assistant will then identify the type of smartphone being used and provide links back to the recommended bar code readers specific to that phone model, thus eliminating one of the biggest challenges in using QR codes.

Customized mobile-optimized websites or landing pages from Fastsigns now make it possible for companies using QR codes on their signs, graphics, printing or wearables to direct their customers to mobile-enabled websites or pages created specifically for the company or its current campaign.

"These easy to access, custom mobile-optimized websites open many new doors for businesses that want to connect with a mobile-savvy audience but that may have lacked the resources needed," said Monson. "Not only can businesses connect their customers to digital content about products, services and offers instantly, they can also now use their sign and graphics campaigns to introduce an additional, more in-depth touch-point that is tailored to a specific marketing message."

Fastsigns provides the design, hosting and support needed for those looking to create a mobile presence for their business or organization with mobile-optimized websites and landing pages. Interested customers can visit their local Fastsigns center or go directly to to view templates for potential mobile websites. Once a template is selected, contact the nearest Fastsigns center for a consultation with a visual communications marketing specialist. A customized mobile website can be created and ready for customer approval within a few days' time.