Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Great Big Pictures Becomes 28th SGP Certified Printer

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) has announced that Great Big Pictures Inc. of Madison, WI, is the 28th organization to complete the necessary requirements to become an SGP Certified Facility. Great Big Pictures is an in-store graphics supplier to many of the nation's top retailers. By reducing energy use, identifying production efficiencies, and switching to recyclable materials, GBP's sustainable business practices have proven to improve its bottom line. GBP—and its clients—recognize SGP as the gold standard for print vendors. The company chose to become SGP Certified as a means to formalize and provide structure to its sustainability efforts. As an SGP Certified printer, GBP will continually improve its operations, as well as track and report sustainability efforts with great detail.

"In a progressive city like Madison, an environmental ethic is second nature. Becoming SGP Certified helps us to identify and implement sustainability improvements in our operations, which fosters both employee involvement and pride," said Carolann Puster, Sustainability Coordinator at Great Big Pictures Inc. "Going green helps us to conserve resources while improving our bottom line. We are successful because we pay our savings forward to clients and employees alike."

"Great Big Pictures sets a strong example and is a true success story—showing that a business can be sustainable and cost-effective. We are delighted to add Great Big Pictures to the growing roster of SGP certified facilities," said Marci Kinter, SGP Chairperson and Vice President of Government and Business Information for the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.