Melissa Data Corp

Melissa Data Announces Completion of CASS Certification for Cycle N

Melissa Data Corp, a developer of high performance data quality and address management solutions, announced completion of CASS Cycle N certification. Certification of their software comes a full six months ahead of the United States Postal Service (USPS) July 31, 2011 expiration of CASS Cycle M. In order to continue to qualify for postal automation discounts, CASS vendors must deliver CASS Cycle N to their customers beginning May 1, 2011. With CASS Cycle N, Suite will be required for processing. Suite is a USPS product that improves mail delivery by adding known secondary information (suite numbers) to business addresses.

Melissa Data’s address verification software will also append known apartment numbers to residential addresses using a proprietary add-on called AddressPlus. AddressPlus is compiled from multiple business and residential sources and is a unique, complimentary add-on to Melissa Data’s Address Object, WebSmart address verifier service and Mailers+4 postal automation software. AddressPlus works concurrently with Suite to significantly increase the number of mail pieces delivered, on time, to the intended recipient.

"We're pleased to report to Melissa Data customers, that our CASS certification is well ahead of schedule so they will be assured of benefiting from applicable postal discounts," explained Gary Van Roekel, chief operating officer for Melissa Data. "Customers can also take advantage of AddressPlus which means more addresses validated to the delivery point and less returned mail due to missing apartment numbers."