The New Cross-Media Value Chain

According to InfoTrends’ recent study, marketing executives are entering into the “data era” in the communications business. Companies must understand not only where specific content is, but who they choose to communicate with, at what time, and with what media to retain customers and grow revenues.

Over the past two decades, businesses and consumers have seen an unprecedented migration to digital technology. This demand for content has created a need for precise selection and processing of data so that the right content gets to the right person in an efficient manner that can be a measured information exchange. Data and the Cross-Media Marketing Opportunity provides a view into the new cross-media marketing value chain and the significant role that data plays in this value chain.

“Marketing executives in every line of business, whether business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), are trying to better understand and optimize the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and digital assets for more effective cross-media direct marketing communications,” commented Chris Bondy a Group Director at InfoTrends. “With more data available for analysis than ever before, marketers can now target the unique needs of sub-segments and micro-segments of customers and prospects.”

When transforming to a new marketing model it is critical to develop a foundation where more precise marketing analytics and targeted content can be easily deployed across multiple media channels on a routine basis. The targeted cross-media approach establishes a message that is directed to the interests of a sub-segment in a manner that facilitates interaction and dialogue. Effective cross-media campaigns have built-in triggers that are designed to provide feedback serving that target segment better over time.

Bondy continued, “Data processing is an integral part of the cross-media value chain. There are several data processing steps that take place at a minimal level in front of the cross-media value chain that are essential to providing data in a form that can be successfully utilized for subsequent cross-media marketing.”

This report examines how this new approach to marketing, unlike the linear process of traditional marketing, begins with analyzing data to determine a specific target segment, followed by formulating a campaign strategy specific to that target segment via a closed-loop circular process.

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