Sigler Companies

Sigler Companies Designated Exclusive U.S. Provider of BlueMailCentral Web-to-Mail Solution

BlueMailCentral, a Dutch-based Web-to-print network with an international presence in 32 countries, has selected Sigler Companies as its exclusive service provider in the United States. BlueMailCentral lets individuals and companies print and deliver documents worldwide for a flat fee, saving up to 88 percent versus the traditional effort and time involved with printing, assembling and applying postage.

The addition of Sigler Companies as a BlueMailCentral network provider means that the Iowa-based company will now print and mail online requests received from more than 30 countries. BlueMailCentral simplifies the process by printing and delivering the documents as close to the destination as possible.

“For example, we’re receiving Web-to-print requests coming from Venezuela to mail documents to the United States,” said Jeff Oleson, business solutions analyst at Sigler. “Through BlueMailCentral, they can print documents from their personal computers in Venezuela directly to our presses here in Iowa. Sigler then prints and sends their document via the USPS [U.S. Postal Service] to the final U.S. destination. It’s quicker and bypasses international post, saving postage costs, fulfillment and delivery time. The process also reduces the environmental impact of global postal delivery.”

“We selected Sigler Companies because of their range of complementary services, their location, but above all, the relationship we’ve established,” said Colin de Vries, owner and founder of BlueMailCentral. “Even though Sigler’s processes weren’t identical to ours, they worked to adapt and fit their workflow to service BlueMailCentral’s customers – not every print company can do that.”

As a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified printer, Sigler could also ensure that all BlueMailCentral’s Web-to-print requests were printed following the FSC chain to meet the standards set for responsible forest use, management and sustainability. This includes paper with 10 percent recycled content.

“We’ve been quick to recognize that print is not dying; it’s changing,” said Sigler Companies President Beth Cross. “Sigler’s involvement as the U.S. BlueMailCentral provider is a solid partnership that required investing in the latest technology and training to oversee BlueMailCentral’s fulfillment in America.”

Sigler completed the first BlueMailCentral print request on Jan. 24 and is now printing on a daily basis.