Sigler Companies

Sigler Companies Streamlines Production Capabilities with Investment in GMC Software Technology

Sigler Companies has streamlined its production capabilities by merging data-mining technology with variable data printing. This capability allows Sigler to produce and deliver personalized communications exactly when and where customers need them. Sigler's investment in GMC Software Technology's PrintNet Enterprise Solution offers its customers a combination of transactional and promotional marketing through printed materials.

PrintNet enables Sigler's presses to create individualized printed materials containing sequenced and non-sequenced data, Universal Product Codes (UPC), Quick Response (QR) codes and other variable data based on identifiers in a database.

The software investment will allow Sigler's equipment to process upwards of 1.5 million variable data records in about 10 minutes and can export native output files to allow Sigler to partner with other GMC PrintNet vendors on grand-scale projects.

"This investment represents a quantum leap for our production capabilities," said Jeff Oleson, business solutions analyst for Sigler Companies. "From a capacity standpoint, PrintNet magnifies our output exponentially through the use of state-of-the-art inhouse variable data technology. Additionally, the capacity to add modules for automation, web-based controls and other utilities are available to help us expand."

Sigler Companies' investment in PrintNet also included the training of a six-person team to implement and manage the technology through the company's production workflow. The software is considered the global standard in personalized communications.

"We selected PrintNet because it allows us to integrate transpromotional and multichannel customer communications," said Beth Cross, president of Sigler Companies. "As it stands, companies wanting to design and print a direct mail piece with variable QR codes, a Personalized Universal Resource Locator (PURL) and a unique numerical sequence all in one, may have to work with multiple vendors to get it produced. PrintNet allows us to generate, manage and print large, multipart variable data runs in a single stream."